Bryce Canyon National Park

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About the national park

Located in southern Utah, Bryce Canyon National Park is a park filled with tall, unique rock formations called hoodoos that are unforgettable. Enjoy stunning sunrises while visiting here, along with seeing animals like elk, mule deer, the Utah prairie dog, chipmunks, rattlesnakes, lizards and ravens. The national park is only 30 minutes away from our campground (by car).

Visit the park during any time of year because there are plenty of activities to do all the time. There is a fee to enter the park.



One of the biggest things Bryce Canyon National Park is known for is its awesome hikes with gorgeous views of rock formations. Some of the popular hikes include:
  • Mossy Cave Turreet Arch and Little Windows Trail - 1 mile, easy difficulty
  • Sunrise Point - 1 mile total, easy difficulty
  • Fairyland Loop Trail - 7.8 miles, moderate difficulty
  • Navajo Loop Trail - 1.5 miles, moderate difficulty
  • Wall Street and Queens Garden Loop Trail - 3.2 miles, moderate difficulty
  • Hat Shop - 4 miles total, hard difficulty

You can hike the paved trails with your pet (includes emotional support animals).

While hiking, be sure to bring plenty of water, food (but don't feed the native animals there) and hiking boots with good traction (especially important in the winter). You can also bring sunglasses and a hat as it can get hot in the summer.

Take some cute family photos or just some fun photos for later memories while visiting Bryce Canyon. The cool rock formations and their bright colors make for a great backdrop for a photoshoot.

Activities Cont.

Horseback Riding

If you want a close-up view to the rocks of Bryce Canyon but you're not much of a hiker, then you should try horseback riding. The park has 4.5 miles of horse trails for your use, which are shared with people on foot. Although horseback riding is a little expensive, the experience is unique and worth it. 

You can also bring in your own horse, but it would only be allowed in certain areas.

Zion National Park Museum

Wondering about the history of Utah and how the national park came to be? Visit the Zion National Park Museum. This museum has a collection of over 300,000 old documents and 22,500 artifacts. Learn about the culture of Utah during the early pioneer days, or see an interesting painting that is probably older than you. This attraction is great for both kids and adults who want to learn more about Utah's heritage (though the museum is a bit of a drive away).

Skiing and Snowboarding

While you can't ski or snowboard in the canyon, there are nearby areas for where you can enjoy Utah's fluffy snow. You can try the Bristlecone Loop Trail, Paria Ski Loop and Fairyland Point Roads. Or if skiing and snowboarding isn't for you, you can do a winter hike or snowshoe through the canyon.

Guest Reviews

Amazing Place!

Amazing place! Recommend the Queen/Navajo Loop trails. You will hike with the hoodoos in the amphitheatre. Much less crowded than bigger National Parks. You can probably get the best hikes done in 2-3 days.

-Mack Amorn, Google Reviews

Bring traction devices

This was one of the most beautiful hikes I have ever done. There was snow and ice on some parts of the Fairyland Loop trail, so traction devices for your hiking shoes are a must (Yaktrax). Bring water and snacks cause the nearly 9 mile loop took almost 6 hours due to terrain and stopping to enjoy the views!

-ZE, Google Reviews

Absolutely beautiful

Absolutely beautiful!! The entry fee is $35 but it's good for a month. Plenty of space for social distancing! It's a gorgeous place!

-Jaylyn Swanson, Google Reviews

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