Dining in or near Panguitch, UT
Enjoy the small town feel of the restaurants in or near Panguitch, UT.  Taste great foods like hamburgers, pizzas, brisket and more. Below is a list of our favorites!
person eating pizza
C Stop Pizza
Family owned pizza company located at 561 Center Street. Serving everything from pizza, pasta, salads, wings and much more. One of the only restaurants in Panguitch that stays open year round. Check out their website for additional information and see their menu
Home of the Chubby Cheese! This delightful little fast food drive-in is a great place to go when you're having a burger craving! "Have you had your Chubby today" is a common saying at this restaurant and they mean it. Many menu options to chose from including chicken strips, Mexican, salads, shakes and floats. Located within walking distance and just a few blocks away from the RV Resort at 166 N. Main.
Henrie's Drive In